What is Hangar G?

Hangar G is a family owned and operated shipping and transporting business. Our client base consists of people who need their automobiles, boats, trailers or other general freight shipped to anywhere in the U.S or Canada. We also provided storage and any other logistical needs that our customers require. Trucking is our passion; we are licensed and insured to move all types of freight and leave nothing to chance.


Where does the name come from?

The owner of the Hangar G, Sean Garrison, has a back ground in aviation and the whole family spent time at our local airport. When we first decided to start a logistics business, our main storage facility was at the airport, in a hangar; specifically hangar letter G. Committed to maintaining our roots as a small family company, we decided to keep the name of Hangar G.


Are You Hiring?

Hangar G is interested in hiring new drivers. To apply you must have a clean driving record, preferably 3-5 years of experience driving trucks, a current CDL (commercial driver’s license) and you must be willing to work directly with our customers while maintaining the utmost professionalism. If you are interested in working for us please email us your resume attached as a Microsoft word document.


I have a problem / issue I need resolved, who do I talk to?

Hangar G makes the biggest effort to maintaining customer satisfaction. If you hired us to move your freight and you have an issue with transport time, communication with the driver, or want to know where your item is we encourage you to email us at support@hagarg.com. We also have a free app on the apple app store called Hangar G where you can login in and track your items.

How does privacy work?

Hangar G respects your right to privacy. We will never share, sell or give you information away to any other companies for any reason. We will treat your sensitive information like it is our own. If you would like to contact us for peace of mind we encourage you to do so, please email us at support@hangarg.com.